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  100% Rave

Your ticket to a pure stadium rave experience, including the massive anthems:
"Blade 2006" – Warp Brothers, "Music Is My Language" - DJ Aligator, "One More Night" – Cascada, “Let Me Be Your Fantasy” – 4 Clubbers,” Stand Up!" – Alex M vs. Marc van Damme, “Can’t Sleep" (ATB Remix) – Above & Beyond, "Ride On A White Train (Like A Hurricane)" - Klubbingman
and many more!
2 CDs For The Price of 1!

Dance One More Night

  The Electric Boutique

Late Nite Sessions in Electro, New Wave & Nu Disco
Revisit the most groundbreaking decade in music history: The 80's! A brand new original CD concept inspired by the music of the 80's, but driven by today's contemporary electronic techniques. It's new-wave and old school synth pop with a Nu-disco electro twist! Featuring original new muzak from 80's legends Andy Bell, Bananarama... together with today's Top 40 stars Global Deejays, Benny Benassi... with exclusive remixes from Daft Punk and Marc Almond!

  Super Dance 2006

This season's mainstream dance hits collection to own, with all the quality chart hits that you've come to expect! Includes the rare U.S. remix of “Miracle”- Cascada (Billboard Dance Chart No.8)! Plus the 4 hits that topped the German charts: “Living On Video” – Lazard (chart No.1), "Cuba" - Cuba Club (chart No.1), "Ride On A White Train" - Klubbingman (chart No.2), and "I Can't Sleep" - Commander Tom" (chart No.2)! 2 CDs for the price of 1. Available now at all good music stores.

  Rainbow Nation 3

'All new 3rd volume of Hi-NRG House, Filtered Funk & Electro Disco tracks from the biggest artistes. Includes the UK club smash “Somebody’s Watching Me” – Royal Gigolos, the No.3 German chart hit “Baby It’s You” – Mauro Milano, the No.2 German chart hit “I Can’t Sleep” – Commander Tom, and the No.1 chart hit “Cuba” – Cuba Club. 2 CDs for the price of 1.

  The Biggest Dance Album Ever!

This is the ULTIMATE selection of dance classics from the last 12 years, all original versions! Featuring old school artistes like Snap!, 2 Unlimited, Masterboy, Culture Beat, Sash!... & current chart conquerors like Cascada and Groove Coverage! This is the most important collection of all-time favourite dance hits that every dance fan must own! 48 tracks, 3 CDs for the price of 1.

  DJ Aligator

'Music Is My Language'
DJ Aligator, the king of raves and whistles, returns with a brand new 3rd album. This special double CD edition contains the singles "Protect Your Ears", "Music Is My Language", plus bonus club remixes! 2 CDs For The Price of 1!

  The Best Dance Selection To Energize Your Work-Out

'Most Played Hitz'
This is a special CD collaboration with No. 1 Fitness Centre in Asia, California Fitness, to get you fit and hip! Contains energetic dance hits to keep you going during your gym work-out. Get hot & groovy to tracks like ‘What A Feeling (Flashdance) – Global Deejays’, ‘Maniac 2006 – Michael Sembello’, ‘Move In My Direction – Bananarama’, ‘Chihuahua (Club Remix) – DJ Bobo’, ‘How Do You Do – Cascada’ and many others.. 2 CDs For The Price of 1.


The Most Downloaded MP3 Hits Today!
Hot MP3 downloads are contained in this quality milestone dance release from EQ Music. Featuring the best online dance tracks by Groove Coverage, DJ Aligator, 2 Jays, Above & Beyond, Limahl and others... 2 CDs For The Price of 1.

  100% House

Cool Club Cuts For Cool Club Cats
Featuring music and remixes from Ian Pooley, Royal Gigolos, Max Graham, D.O.N.S., Hanna Hais, Boy George and others, this album is a mainstream clubber's guide into some of today's biggest house hits. Contains full length tracks, not a non-stop mix. 2 CDs For The Price of 1.

  100% Dance Hitz Volume 2

The second volume of this exclusive dance series contains more of the biggest tracks on the dancefloors, including ‘Somebody’s Watching Me – Royal Gigolos’, ‘Go West – Arcardicane vs. Balloon’, ‘Tell Me Why – Limahl’, ‘You – Brisby & Jingles’, ‘Devil In Disguise – Aycan’ and many others… 2 CDs For The Price of 1! Available at CD RAMA Outlets in Singapore Only!

Go West - Acardipane vs.Balloon

  Groove Coverage

'21st Century'
The brand new 4th album from Groove Coverage, the No. 1 selling dance artiste in Europe and Asia. Featuring the singles ‘21st Century Digital Girl’, ‘On The Radio’ & ‘Holy Virgin’. A special 2-CD edition which includes lyrics and bonus remixes, available in Singapore only! 2 CDs For The Price of 1!

21st Century Digital Girl

  Best Hitz Ever!

The first of its kind, featuring superb hits in special remixes. Featuring songs like ‘You Are Beautiful’ (no. 1 song of 2005), ‘My Humps’, ‘Bad Day’, ‘Hung Up’, ‘She Will Be Loved’, ‘Next Best Superstar’ and many more….

My Humps- Royal Eyes

  World Cup Dance Anthems 2006

The biggest sports event is finally here! To celebrate this year’s FIFA World Cup tournament, this album contains the biggest club tracks that will be heard throughout Germany! Inclusive of bonus ‘live’ acoustic versions! Get ready to rumble with this exclusive album! 2 CDs for the Price of 1!

Football's Coming Home - Party Nation

  100% Dance Hitz

For the first time ever, CD-Rama teams up with EQ Music to bring you a quality dance compilation CD that's exclusively available at CD-Rama stores only! '100% Dance Hitz' is the first volume to kick off this fantastic new series that highlights the biggest hits on the dancefloors today, with a few classic tracks thrown in for good measure. Some of the current radio and club favourites include "Another Life" - Party Pimpz, "Flying High" - Sven-R-G vs. Bass-T, "A Neverending Dream" - Cascada, "Barbie Girl 2006" - Rob Mayth, and "I Move On" - Amelia. So head on down to your nearest CD-Rama outlet or Popular bookstore and get your copy today!

  Trancing Queen Presents The Greatest Hits of ABBA

This album contains great Abba songs in new trance & dance versions, mixed by Finnish top producers Torsti Spoof and Jari Mikkola. It also includes bonus tracks of mega and extended remixes, exclusively for Singapore only. Disco music is back and so are Abba songs with new, updated shape. Definitely true pop classics.


'Everytime We Touch'
The debut album of the biggest dance artiste in the world! This album contains every Cascada single that dominated the European charts, including "Miracle", "Bad Boy", "How Do You Do", "Neverending Dream" and the U.S. Billboard Top 10 chart hit "Everytime We Touch"! And only in Singapore, you can get the special edition of Cascada's album that comes with a bonus CD of extended remixes! Available now at all CD stores. .

  Euro, Techno, Go!

The Best Dance Hits of 2006
Due to popular demand, EQ Music is bringing back this best selling dance music series. Includes the global smash hit "Everytime We Touch" by Cascada! (No. 1 on U.S. Billboard Dance Chart / Top 10 for Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart / No.1 on European Club DJ Chart / No.1 on iTunes Dance Chart / Top 10 on 987 Official Chart Countdown). 3 CDs for the price of 1. Out now at all music stores.

  Above & Beyond

The highly anticipated artiste album from the No. 1 progressive trance act in the UK, Above & Beyond. Includes 'Alone Tonight', 'Can't Sleep' and other new upcoming singles. A must-own album for all trance fans.

  The EQ Dance Radio Show

To celebrate the biggest dance music program in Singapore, EQ Music has launched the official CD…The EQ Dance Radio Show! Featuring the biggest hits from Europe and the UK, by the biggest names in dance music! Now you can own all the music you hear during the program on CD, all in a non-stop DJ mix! And don't forget to tune in every Saturday at midnight on 98.7FM, for the EQ Dance Club Radio Show, hosted by Shan Wee! Log on to for more details.

  Globay Deejays 'Network'

The Global Deejays established themselves firmly in the international dance scene with the “Sound of San Francisco”. This was their first single released back in 2004 that broke them into the UK Top 10 chart. They were in the top 10 in Russia, Ukraine (No.1), Brazil, Canada, Germany (No.3), including many other countries worldwide. This much anticipated album contains the hits ‘The Sound of San Francisco’, ‘What A Feeling’, ‘Stars on 45’ and more!

  Sven-R-G vs. Bass-T 'N-R-G & Bass'

The 1st artiste album from Sven-R-G and Bass-T, the most famous hard dance duo from Germany! Contains all their singles “Going Crazy’’, ‘Lost In Spain’, ‘Never Talking’, ‘On A Party Trip’ and the European chart smash ‘The Sign’! The album also includes a special remix of 'The Sign', available in Singapore only!

  Best Dance Countdown Party 2006

The New Year Celebrations have begun! The latest Euro dance hits, non-stop mixed by Singapore's hottest tehcno DJs! 32 new tracks that are set to blow up dancefloors this New Year, including Don't Know Why (C.Y.T. Club Mix) - Fantasy Project, Noche Del Amor (DJ Manian Remix) - Andy Lopez, Just For You - Saphira, To The Stars - Astrada and many more.. Out now at all CD stores.

To The Stars - Astrada

  80's In Techno Vol. 2 Best of Retro Hits vs Techno Beats!

This is a 2 CDs compilation featuring old school stars like 'Bananarama', 'T'Pau', 'Londonbeat', 'Laura Branigan' vs today's biggest dance artistes like DJ Manian, Luca Zeta, DJ Bobo etc. It's Reto vs Techno Beats. Available at all music stores.

Neverending Story - Mo-Zaique

  EQ Dance Club 2006

A truly fantastic CD compilation to usher the brand new year with only the best hits of 2006! Featuring music from the biggest dance artistes in Europe like Cascada, Groove Coverage, Brothers, Kyau vs Albert and others! Includes a bonus disc with extended versions! It's the only dance album you'll ever need for 2006!

How Do You Do - Cascada

  Mario Lopez Future Sounds (1999 - 2005)

Mario Lopez is one of the biggest dance artistes in Germany and has been a sought-after DJ in the dance club scene for many years. 

Having released numerous credited albums, this special CD in Singapore is a collection of his best dancefloor classics and current hits: ‘The Sound of Nature' , ‘The Sun Always Shines On TV' , ‘Always Forever' and ‘Angel Eyes'
( No. 2 on WKRZ's Weekly Countdown Chart ).

  Kyau vs Albert "Here We Are Now"

Ralph Kyau and Steven Moebius Albert come from Germany and they're currently the biggest trance artistes aiming for global club conquest. They've produced and remixed for famous dance names like Armin van Buuren , Above & Beyond , Blank & Jones , and Kosheen

This debut album by Kyau vs. Albert has been highly acclaimed by Paul van Dyk himself, and features a bonus CD of remixes by other trance artistes linked to Kyau vs. Albert, including the Young Parisians club smash, “ Jump The Next Train ”!

  Masterboy Greatest Hits of The 90's & Beyond!

This is a 2 disc greatest hits album containing mega hits of the popular dance act, Masterboy, back in the 90's. Receiving numerous awards and garnering wide chart success back then, songs like ‘I Like A Lover Tonight' , ‘I Got To Give It Up' , ‘Anybody' and ‘Generation of Love'   have become classics in the current dance club!  Plus, it comes with a bonus disc with exclusive album megamix, available in Singapore only!

  Pulsedriver Selected The Greatest Hits!

Pulsedriver is one of Germany 's biggest selling dance artiste and this is a must-have CD which contains all his best tracks from the last 5 years.  Includes both his new and classic singles like 'Cambodia' , 'Time' , ' Slammin' , 'Vagabonds' and 'Intention' !

  Rainbow Nation 2
This is the ultimate collection of commercial house anthems by the coolest artistes... Soulshaker, Melanie C, Angel City, Deepest Blue, Party Pimpz, Boy George, Andy Bell (Erasure), Uniting Nations, Groovejet, and many more! Includes the No.1 chart hits on WKRZ... "Sunshine In The Rain" - Bodies Without Organs, and "One Word (Chris Cox Remix)" - Kelly Osbourne!  Plus some remixes from today's biggest house artistes like Max Graham and Groove Cutters!
  Pump Up The Bhangra

This is a special edition 2 CDs compilation containing No. 1 Bhangra beats and Bollywood hip-hop.  Available only in Singapore.  Get into the grooves of Bollywood style!

  Extended Sessions in Trance
This is an album that contains full length extended 12" club versions specially for DJs! Featuring music by….. Blank & Jones , Angel City , Above & Beyond, Kyau vs. Albert , Smith & Pledger etc…
  Best of Mental Madness
Mental Madness is one of the leading hard dance / techno labels in Europe , and this is their 'greatest hits' album! 
Featuring " Come With Me " and " Nothing I Won't Do " by Special D… exclusive for Singapore in this CD!
  Best of Groove Coverage

Groove Coverage is the best-selling dance artiste in the world, comprising of Markus (aka DJ Novus) and Vocalist, Verona . They have sold over a million cd single sales (eight singles, 8 video's) and over 200,000 album album sales (3 x albums) and a string of awards.  This is an exclusive 3 - Disc Collector's Edition, available only in Singapore , which includes DVD music videos, greatest hits and exclusive club remixes!

  Red Hot Dance

Red Hot Dance is the only CD that contains all the current dance hits being airplayed at nights on WKRZ 91.3FM.   Featuring Cascada , Mario Lopez, Spring Break, Rimini Project, The Usual Suspects, Party Pimpz, Fun Brothers, Mysterio, Baracuda, Plazmatek feat. United Beats .    3 CDs, 44 highest quality dance tracks and all original big-name artistes!

  Angel City - Love Me Right
Proudly presented by Ministry of Sound & EQ Music, Angel City comprises of  21 year old Lara (vocalist), who is one of the UK 's hottest young female vocalists, and an array of different producers.  This is l ong-awaited album contains 3 smashing UK hit singles – ‘ Love Me Right ', ‘ Do You Know (I Go Crazy) ', ‘ Touch Me ', the latest UK Top 10 Chart Hit ‘ Sunrise ' plus the up-coming single ‘ I Won't Let You Down '!  Plus, there are  exclusive  club remixes and bonus tracks, found in this limited edition album, available only  in Singapore.
  Rave On 2005
Rave On 2005 is a collection of the biggest dancefloor and radio hits that you'll ever find! Featuring classics by all your favourite Techno artistes: 'The DJ - The Usual Suspects feat. Maia', 'Ravers Fantasy - Tune Up!', 'Big Bad Love - Spring Break vs Cascada', 'Crazy Beatz - L & M Project', 'Summer of Love - Marc Korn', 'Shake Your Ass - The Soundlovers' and many more! 32 tracks and all original artistes! Available now at all good CD stores.

The DJ - The Usual Suspects feat. Maia (track 5)
  Republika - Mixed By Trance Republic
Trance Republic, Liquid Room and EQ Music are proud to present "Republika", the most important trance CD in Singapore! This is an exclusive production by Singapore's official trance community, Trance Republic. It's a non-stop DJ mix album containing only the best progressive trance hits from the UK and Holland. Featuring music from artistes like Above & Beyond, DT8 Project, Smith & Pledger, M.I.K.E, Matt Hardwick and many more! 

No One On Earth (Gabriel & Dresden Remix) - Above & Beyond

  Best of Ringtone Dance Hits
For the first time ever, here's a CD that features the Top 30 most downloaded ringtones in Singapore! 100% only the hottest and most popular songs that every mobile phone is dancing to! All original recordings by original artistes, no cover versions! Featuring the biggest hits by DJ MP4, Cascada, Masterboy, Groove Coverage, The Usual Suspects, and many more!Out now at all CD stores. 
  Planet Dance 3
EQ Music is pround to present the first real dance compilation of 2005 - Planet Dance Volume 3. It contains all the new chart hits by original artistes like "Sunburn - The Usual Suspects feat.Chris Ho", "Endless Summer - Siria", "Go Go (To The Disco) - PDJ feat. Sonia", "I Dream - Elissa" and many others... A total of 48 tracks to blow you away. Available now at all music stores. 
  From Euro With Love 
A special project brought to you by WKRZ and EQ Music specially for Valentine's Day! Contains all your favourite Euro-Techno dance hits, but in their slow ballad versions, by the original artistes themselves! Some of the ballads were recorded exclusively for this album, and this is the only CD where you'll find all the special versions that you've been hearing on WKRZ! Plus, "From Euro With Love" would make the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your loved ones. Available now at all CD stores.

Piece of Heaven (Ballad Version) – Akira
This is one cool and sexy dance CD full of classic club anthems and newest house hits! Featuring music from artistes like Mousse T, Milk & Sugar, Snap, Deepest Blue and more... Also includes a bonus non-stop party mix by DJ Jason Chow plus a chance to stand to win Witch Skincare product hampers with every CD hampers (terms & conditions apply). Get the Refresh! CD today at all music stores! 
  Terra del Sol Selection Two 
This is the follow-up album to the best selling 1st volume of the Terra series. The second selection, like its predecessor, is not a compilation but a "One-artist long player". This is highlighted by choosing tunes that haven't been released on any other compilation before. The sounds is not only intellectually pleasing to the ears but appeals as an emotional crowd pleaser! Terra Del Sol is definitely the music to hang out, inhale and chill.
  Anjunabeats Volume 2 (Mixed by Above & Beyond) 
  The UK's leading progressive trance label ANJUNABEATS releases another amazing compilation of essential trance anthems. A non-stop DJ mix by Above & Beyond makes this the ultimate dance CD to wrap up that sweltering summer! Available now at all music stores!  
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