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EQ Music started out in 2000 as a small record label with a dedicated team of music lovers. Their primary goal was to commercially cover all genres of music that were surprisingly overlooked by the major labels, but genres that nevertheless held undiscovered business potential. By releasing CDs that capitalized on these (at that time) niche markets, EQ Music incidentally tapped into areas of dormant interest and sales.

Incidentally, EQ Music achieved her objectives with the help of innovative conceptualizing, packaging and artwork in all their releases… a combination of factors that was once almost nonexistent. In fact, many other local record companies followed suit soon after and these ideas have since become the standard styles of compilation releases in Singapore. (Many locally marketed CDs now look more striking and attractive on retail shelves!)

So from a modest set up in Singapore, EQ Music has now effectively branched into other countries of the South East Asian region with offices in Malaysia, Thailand and Taiwan. Exclusive signings with many label deals were amassed over the years as the company’s reputation garnered more trust, confidence and support from esteemed global partners.

The International Department

EQ Music has a profound 'International Repertoire', running the gamut from pop, electronic dance, new age, world music, instrumentals, evergreens and even classical. Our strength lies in artiste albums, trendy concept compilations, our diverse market adaptability, and strong licensing support from all over the world.

The year 2005 sees EQ Music celebrating its 5th Anniversary and firmly territories. Please feel free to contact us, we look forward to working with you too!

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